Refresher antenatal classes


Refresher sessions

Antenatal classes are not just for first time parents. If this is your second, third, fourth pregnancy you might still want the chance to focus on preparing for another birth.

Sometimes it is useful to talk through your previous birth experiences to feel better prepared and confident about giving birth again. You might not want or be able to attend a 6- week Birth & Baby antenatal course but you may benefit from a:

 Birth Workshop – a day session to prepare labour from those first contractions through to holding your baby in your arms and how this may be different when it is not your first baby.

Caesarean Workshop – a day session to prepare for a planned caesarean from the pre-operation details through to meeting your baby, recovery and managing in those first few weeks.

Relax & Breathe for Birth Workshop – a session to focus on simple but really effective breathing skills to help you stay calm and in control in labour

These sessions can enable you to refresh your knowledge, to ask questions, talk through your previous birth, boost your confidence and get your head into the right place for giving birth again…


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