It’s like having an extra pair of hands – your baby could be brand new or a few months old and you might need some extra support and reassurance as you adjust to life with your baby – support with feeding, sleeping, routines – you might just need a break – maybe you have a baby and a toddler to juggle.

I’m a mum, I am experienced with mums, babies and children, nothing fazes me and I go with the flow.

Using me as a postnatal doula can take the pressure off looking after a baby and juggling the house, I can take care of the practical stuff so you get to rest or spend time with your baby.


Some kind words…

“I used Janine for six weeks when I had my second child – and it made such a difference. I wasn’t stressed, I didn’t feel hassled, I slept!”


“Just to know Janine was coming in meant I knew I had some support. I really struggled in the beginning, it was winter, it was cold, I was sore and I didn’t feel up to getting out and about.”


“I was recovering from a C-section and my husband had to go back to work. We have no family up here so it made all the difference to have some extra support from Janine. She took Amy out for a walk so I could sleep and rest and she helped out around the house – just having someone else to make the bed, tidy up, load the dishwasher and make me a sandwich made such a huge difference!”