Postnatal Workshops

 Going Back To Work
(Tuesdays | 1-3pm)
Talking through some of the issues to help you prepare for your
return to work

For more information

(Tuesdays | 1-3pm)

Taking the stress out of solid food

For more information

As with all my classes, these sessions will not be about me telling you what to do – they will be a chance for you to gain information and ideas and to be able to ask all the questions you need. I specialise in being able to boost your confidence as a parent, the groups will be small so the sessions will be informal and friendly and will involve chat with tea and cake…

October 2013 382


“I feel more confident now”

“You have an easy, no nonsense but kind and generous teaching style. You listen and you empower and your sessions have made such a difference to me and to my family”


if you have any queries…
0788 5774279

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