What does relaxing have to do with having a baby? The answer for most women is everything!

In Western Society most of us are busy, we rush and we juggle every week so we are very used to being stressed and carrying tension in our body. Stress and tension is ok from time to time but it’s not pleasant in pregnancy and it’s really not our friend during labour.

When your cervix is opening up to 10cms your body needs to feel safe, secure and relaxed to produce oxytocin to give you strong, powerful contractions. If you feel scared, stressed, anxious, tense and overwhelmed for too long, your contractions can stop, your uterus can get tired and labour can be more painful and harder than it needs to be. If you know how to use your breathing to relax your body, de-stress and release tension you can use this in labour so you can focus on our breathing and head off any panic or feelings of being out of control.

Relax & Breathe is so simple but so effective and the feedback is fantastic because it helps women to stay calm and focused, which can help during any labour or birth.

These women-only sessions are perfect for every pregnant woman, to give you the chance to chill and prepare for the birth of your baby.

A few kind words…

“It was the best thing I could have done – I don’t think Thank you really conveys what you gave me- but thank you!”

“I managed to get to 10cms with my tens machine and my breathing-my blowing bubbles!! I just kept remembering what we had practised and anytime I didn’t have control of my breathing I just thought ‘bubbles’!!”

“The breathing works! Thank you, thank you. I blew bubbles all the way through my labour and my midwife couldn’t believe how calm I was.”