Relax & Breathe for Birth



To stay calm, comfortable and to head off any panic during pregnancy and labour

This workshop is for expectant parents to learn simple,  effective and practical techniques so you can:

Breathe through your contractions 

Handle and head off any stress, anxiety or panic in pregnancy or labour

Stay calm if you need to make decisions in labour

Stay calm during an induction or a caesarean

Adjust to any changes to your birthplan

Keep going if labour feels tough

Be able to relax before, during and after labour

Get your head ready for birth

It is an affordable alternative to hypnotherapy for birth and it includes birth booklets, relaxation music and ongoing support when you need it

£25 | Sundays | 5-6.30pm

Held at the Birth & Baby Family Centre, George Street, North Shields NE30 1EL

Workshop Dates

November 29

December 20

Click here to book and pay for your workshop

You can also book:

One-to-one Sessions

Birth Essentials

Baby Essentials

Feeding Workshop

Induction Workshop

Caesarean Workshop

As an experienced antenatal teacher I specialise in running small groups so the sessions are informal and friendly, giving you the chance to chat and to ask all the questions you need to feel better informed and more confident about birth and baby.

You will benefit from good knowledge, practical skills and the time to focus on your needs.

“You have an easy, no nonsense but kind and generous teaching style. You listen and you empower and your sessions have made such a difference to me and to my family”



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If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

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