Relax & Breathe

breathing for labour

Relax & Breathe…

an effective alternative to hypnobirthing


 This workshop runs in North Shields and Gateshead and it also caters for pregnant women in Newcastle and across Tyneside. It provides easy but essential skills to stay calm and in control in labour. You will learn powerful breathing skills so you can…

Develop effective skills that work for you

Breathe through your contractions

Handle and head off any stress, anxiety or tension

Stay calm if you need to make decisions in labour

Adjust to any changes to your birthplan


£20 | 7-8.30pm
includes information handouts and relaxation music

QE Maternity Unit in Gateshead

North Shields

June 16
July 21
Sept 29
Nov 17
Dec 15

July 15
August 5
Sept 16
Oct 21
Nov 18
Dec 16

If you have any queries…
0788 5774279

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