Not everyone can make an antenatal course, or you may be 2nd time parents who need a refresher session, so the Birth Preparation Day is perfect. It’s an informal day with a small group of expectant parents to chat and gain more information about labour & birth.


Birth & Baby Basics Antenatal Classes will give you:

An opportunity to gain reassurance, support and information to help you prepare for the birth of your baby

The time to talk through any fears about labour and to help to ease them as you prepare for the birth of your baby.  In our society birth is often feared and worried about and by acknowledging your fears, you can prepare for labour and birth in a positive way.

Information about and skills to work with your contractions. Using positions and simple breathing skills can help you be relaxed and comfortable in pregnancy, as well as calm, in control and focused during labour.

A place where dads can feel included and valued. As a birth partner dads have an important role to play – dads need an opportunity to ask questions and to gain information and reassurance too.

 A chance to meet other expectant parents.

 Ongoing support – I provide email and phone support and I can also be booked as a birth  and/or postnatal doula.

I believe that antenatal classes are definitely worth the investment and I make sure that my antenatal classes are affordable. If you can gain more reassurance and information, while also meeting other expecting parents, it all contributes to a positive pregnancy experience.


For more information you can email me at: janine@birthandbabybasics.com
or call on: 0788 5774279

A few kind words…

“Thank you so much for today, we both feel calmer about the birth and more in control and it was great to talk through the birth of our first baby.”

“I got so much out of today, thank you!”

“We are expecting our third baby but we really needed a refresher session and the chance to focus on this baby.”