Birth Workshop

Birth Workshop

Ideal for expectant parents who are not able to attend a longer course and for experienced parents who want a refresher, this day focuses on helping you feel better prepared for and confident about the birth of your baby

How birth works and what gets in the way
Dealing with any birth anxiety
Being an effective birth partner – how to help and how to cope
Pain management
An introduction to Relax & Breathe for Birth
Caesarean Sections
Recovery from birth
Meeting your baby

£50 | For expectant women and their birth partners

November 2013 504

North Tyneside

The QE, Gateshead

March 8
April 26
June 14
August 2


January 18
May 24
July 26

To find out more and to book a place:

0788 577 4279

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2 thoughts on “Birth Workshop

  1. I attended a Birth Prep day before the birth of my third child. Obviously, having had two children, I knew what birth entailed, but I thought it very important to spend time on focusing on how I would like birth to be.

    It gave me the time to think about my options, meet other parents, and remind myself of what happens in labour. I have my children at home – so a lot of information about hospital procedures wasn’t relevant to me. Or so I thought. When I needed a very-emergency cesarian, I knew what was happening and wasn’t as panicked as I might have been.

    Many shops and magazines will give you a list of ‘baby essentials’ – cots, prams, nappies etc, but what they all miss off is decent ante natal education. It’s vital to go into birth prepared. And it’s fun and gives you a vital support netwok for when baby arrives.

  2. I attended the birth preparation day with my husband. We’re expecting our second baby and really want this birth experience to be different. First time round I attended nhs one which was fine but I think I buried my head in the sand about labour believing it just happened to you and you cant do anything to change it. This time, I want it to be calmer and much more informed of what is happening. The birth preparation day with Janine was fantastic. I feel so much more ready for the big day. The pictures that Janine used really helped me to visualise what is going on inside my body and why. Talking through each stage really helped too, understanding what to expect and what we could ask for. Being able to discuss my previous labour experience was both extremely helpful and comforting. Talking it through, especially with my husband there who remembered different parts and being able to understand why things happened was so therapeutic. I think it was definitely something I needed to do before going into labour again.
    I would thoroughly recommended this day to anyone. Thank you Janine, looking forward to introducing you to our new addition when he or she arrives!

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