why book a birth doula? 

Having some extra support and reassurance during labour can make a huge difference to help you feel safe and secure as your body works hard to give you your baby. Just booking a doula can help you feel calm and confident about the birth of your baby.

My role as a birth supporter has involved being with couples from early labour right through to providing support with their brand new baby, I have attended homebirths and hospitals births, I have made tea and snacks, I have held hands, massaged and helped women breathe through every contraction.

And dads benefit too – they feel supported and relaxed so they can confidently help their partner.


We tend to fear birth in our culture and to positively prepare for the birth of your baby by booking a doula is definitely worth the investment…

Some kind words…

“Janine was with us for two days – she gave us space when we needed it and she was with me when I needed her. The balance was perfect. It was a long labour and Janine worked really well with the midwives. She helped me to stay calm and positive, especially when I was tired and flagging. It was a fantastic experience and Janine made a huge difference to us and the birth of our daughter.”


“It felt right to me to have someone else with me in labour, I wanted my husband with me but I wouldn’t know my midwife or how busy the hospital would be. Janine helped me to stay calm, I didn’t panic.”


“Janine was focused completely on us, it made such a difference.”