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Birth & Baby Booklets: Labour & Birth

 Written by Janine Rudin, an experienced antenatal teacher and birth doula who has worked with expectant parents since 2002, these booklets are informative and practical, giving a much needed confidence boost.

There are 12 Birth & Baby Booklets, which can be bought individually for £1 each or as a pack for £4.50. They take you from early labour right through to meeting your baby…

  1. Early Labour: staying calm and in control as you get used to your contractions – what happens, what helps, what partners can do and what to be aware of.
  2. Established Labour: staying calm and in control as your contractions intensify – what happens, what helps, what you might need, what partners can do and what to be aware of.
  3. Giving Birth: your guide to giving birth without panic – what happens, what helps and how to stay calm.
  4. Giving birth by Caesarean: your guide to preparing for birth by caesarean.
  5. Delivering Your Placenta: your options for the third stage of labour.
  6. Relax  & Breathe for Birth: simple and effective breathing skills to stay calm, ease stress and head off panic.
  7. Tips for Labour: your essential guide to what can work and what can help in labour.
  8. Being Induced: what happens, your options, how to make it work and how to stay in control.
  9. Going over your due date: your guide to staying positive and calm as you wait for labour to start.
  10. Your Birth Bag: a practical guide to all the useful stuff you might need.
  11. Writing a birth plan: your guide to writing your preferences for birth.
  12. Meeting Your Baby: what to expect from the first couple of hours with your baby.

You can buy your booklets from the Birth & Baby Network

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Janine Rudin is an experienced specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting.