There are huge amounts of magazines, books and websites available with information about childbirth, so why bother with antenatal classes?


A Birth & Baby Antenatal Course will give you:

  • An opportunity to gain reassurance, support and information to help you prepare for the birth of your baby, however your baby is born
  • The time to talk through any fears about labour and to help to ease them as you prepare for the birth of your baby.  In our society birth is often feared and worried about and by acknowledging your fears, you can prepare for labour and birth in a positive way.
  • Information about and skills to work with your contractions. Using positions and simple breathing skills can help you be relaxed and comfortable in pregnancy, as well as calm, in control and focused during labour.
  • A place where dads can feel included and valued. As a birth partner dads have an important role to play – dads need an opportunity to ask questions and to gain information and reassurance too.
  • A chance to meet other expectant parents.
  • Ongoing support – I provide email, phone and online support,  I am a doula and I run a range of postnatal courses

I believe that antenatal classes are definitely worth the investment and I make sure that my antenatal classes are affordable. If you can gain more reassurance,  information and practical skills for birth and baby, while also meeting other expecting parents, it contributes to a positive pregnancy experience.


For more information you can email me at: janine@birthandbabybasics.com
or call on: 0788 5774279


A few kind words:

“Everyone should do your antenatal course as part of the pregnancy experience. We feel more informed, better prepared and less scared than we did and I can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy now.”


“It is one of the best decisions that we made. The classes were laid back and informative. Janine creates an atmosphere that means you feel comfortable asking any question- however seemingly silly or trivial- she made us feel that if it was important to us than it was important full stop. She has the ability to pitch the sessions to the needs of those attending and picks up on those needs quickly.”


“We were given loads of practical information that is not in the books and husbands were reformed from reluctant sulkers to engaged enthusiastic partners… I felt prepared even when things went wrong, and didn’t panic when I ended up in theatre as Janine had even prepared me for this. I wanted a relaxed water birth but ended up with something dramatically different. I cannot thank Janine enough for helping me prepare for that, and would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Hell if I ever do it again I’m taking her with me!”