What’s the twist?

baby massage

Why go to baby massage?

This is baby massage with a twist – rather than just focus on your baby, you also get to chat, offload, ask questions, gain information and reassurance if you need it, drink tea and eat cake!

I run small groups to make sure that the sessions are informal, laid-back and chilled for mums and babies. The sessions are ideal for babies aged anywhere between 4 weeks and crawling and you’ll also get a handout pack so you can continue to massage your baby at home.

I developed this course because when new mums have the chance to talk, to make sense of their new role as a mum and to ask questions about feeding, sleeping, routines and becoming a mum they feel more confident and the baby massage provides an easy way to soothe and calm their baby. I run 2-3 courses every month and it’s a hit so far!


A few kind words…

“The massage side of it has been a lovely way to bond with my daughter- if I’m honest it was the chat and friendship I found there that was most important.
For our group Janine’s became our safe place- where we could say out loud even some of our darkest thoughts, our most ridiculous worries and all the weird and wonderful things that were happening to us as new parents.”


“It’s my afternoon of sanity – a cuppa, a chat and some time with my baby girl.”


“Fantastic – really supportive, friendly and relaxing. Every new mum needs to do it!”

“I use baby massage every evening and Freya went from being unsettled  to calm and happy!”