Baby Massage

Baby Massage

with tea, cake & chat

 October 2014 111

A four week course for babies from 4 weeks old

Thursday & Friday afternoons 1-2.30pm
at The Birth & Baby Family Centre, George Street, North Shields NE30 1EL

Held every month | £30 | Includes massage oil and handouts

Click here for course dates and to book your place

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And if you have already attended one of my baby massage courses with your baby – you can book another course with the same baby for £20.
Just get in touch to find out more…

baby massage

The sessions will give you: 

Massage strokes to help calm, soothe and settle your baby
Chat with other mums
The opportunity to ask questions about life with your baby
A chance to focus on you and your adjustment to becoming a mum
The chance to relax
Tea & cake

October 2013 127

if you have any queries…

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2 thoughts on “Baby Massage

  1. So much *more* than just baby massage.

    Yes, you learn about massaging your baby: how to do it and the benefits. But you also get to meet other mums, chat and drink coffee. It’s an invaluable time to share the trials and tribulations as well as the joys of parenthood.

  2. Eve and I loved the baby massage sessions we attended. I loved the fact I had a weekly slot with Janine which allowed me time to run any of my concerns/questions by her in such a friendly environment. Just sitting amongst other mums, sharing experiences was so beneficial.The baby massage was great and it was built up gradually each week to allow the babies the time to get used to it. I’ve been able to use what i’ve learned to help ease windy pains etc which has been great. These sessions were invaluable to me and I have recommended them to my friends who have loved them too. Thanks Janine!

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