for you & your birth

Essential sessions for expectant parents

These small group workshops and private sessions focus on Birth, Breathing and Baby – they are informal and friendly, giving you the chance to ask all the questions you need to feel better prepared and confident about your birth and your baby.

Practical and realistic, these antenatal classes have been developed to inform, support, reassure and meet your needs as you plan and prepare for the birth of your baby – whether this is your first or your fourth

birth essentials | birth support | birth after loss | birth debrief | induction | caesarean | life with your new baby | feeding | pregnancy/birth anxiety |
birth peptalk
By appointment £25-£100

How to settle, soothe and make sense of the first few weeks with your baby
By appointment | £35

RELAX & BREATHE To stay calm, deal with panic and have more control in labour
Sundays 6.30-8pm | £25

BIRTH DEBRIEF | To talk through the birth of your baby
By appointment | £35

PREGNANCY & BIRTH CAFE | Ongoing support throughout your pregnancy | Sundays 4.30-6pm | £10

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With Janine Rudinan experienced specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting.