Reasons to use Birth & Baby


“You have made a huge difference to my confidence about birth and parenting which I why I came back for more second time round. And you’re spot on about informing and empowering…”


Birth & Baby is run by Janine Rudin – an antenatal teacher, doula, baby massage instructor, postnatal educator and
mum of three with a unique range of training and professional qualifications. There are many great reasons to use Birth & Baby…

I am passionate about my work with parents and Birth & Baby provides a unique range of support and services to meet the different needs of parents in pregnancy and with their young family.

I have received great validation from local community and hospital midwives who described my work as essential for the community and that parents were in good hands with me.

As a practitioner I am parent-focused and I am able to listen and respond to the needs of parents. Due to my extensive training and experience I provide good information, practical skills, support and reassurance.

I have worked with parents since 2002 and you can benefit from my expertise and knowledge.

All of the Birth & Baby services have been planned and developed to benefit parents.


Birth Preparation

I can help you to feel better prepared for birth – hospital, home, birthing centre, straight-forward, induction, epidural, caesarean.

I can provide you with good  knowledge,
practical skills, knowing your options and
feeling able to be assertive.

You can choose the support you need – with specific workshops or arranging a private consultation.

You can benefit from specific information and support such as: preparing for birth again, a previous loss, anxiety, medical conditions, making
decisions about birth.

new baby

For you and your baby

You have access to good information, support and reassurance on a range of issues such as feeding, sleep, settling & soothing your baby, if you are feeling low or you need some reassurance as you find your feet as a parent.

Sometimes you just need a confidence boost, to be listened to and to be able to ask questions.

family centre

The Birth & Baby Family Centre

The Birth & Baby Family Centre provides a friendly and welcoming space for parents from pregnancy to pre-school children.

It was set up to focus on providing good support,
reassurance, information and classes for parents with a young family.

Tea, cake and chat with other parents


Because birth, babies, children and parenting are all unique
I don’t do shoulds,
I don’t do advice and I don’t tell anyone what to do
because there isn’t just one 
way to do it.
My aim is to boost your confidence, your knowledge and
skills for your birth and life with your baby…

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Janine Rudin is an experienced specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting.