how to stay calm and in control in labour…

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…and why it’s crucial


One of the key things you can do to prepare for the birth of your baby is to learn how to use your breathing.

Using your breathing can give you the ability to:

  • be calm and to stay in control
  • manage and work well with your contractions
  • use different positions to stay as comfortable as possible
  • be able to be involved in decisions if that is needed
  • feel confident about the birth of your baby
  • work towards a positive birth
  • be able to communicate clearly with your midwife


The great thing is at calmer breathing can also increase help to increase the intensity of your contractions while reducing the pain you experience: pain can be reduced by  concentrating on where contractions are happening, by listening to your body’s instructions, by relaxation and by careful breathing. (Margaret Jowells, Dynamic Positions in Birth)

By relaxing your breathing you are giving yourself something positive to focus on during your contractions, your are giving your uterus plenty of oxygen to work well and you are also giving your baby plenty of oxygen so he can cope with the contractions.





I developed the Relax & Breathe Workshops, which run in Newcastle, North Tyneside and Gateshead, six years ago and the feedback is outstanding because the practical skills do make a difference. The workshops are an affordable alternative to hypnobirthing and includes a range of practical information and skills based on my experience as an antenatal teacher, mother and doula, as well as relaxation music and a handout pack of information.

I have taught this to hundreds of expectant parents and I have used it to assist labouring women when I have worked as a doula. Think of this as you taking control – expectant parents have used Relax & Breathe to achieve natural births, for caesareans and if their birth has gone off plan. It’s got to be worth investing in some simple but powerful skills to head off any panic and keep you calm, confident and in control in labour.

I run these sessions as group workshops and as one to one sessions, so it is never too late get prepared.









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